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Having an Article published online is a great way to share your knowledge, build up your portfolio, and show-off your relevant skills. We at AIFW are more than happy to provide women with a platform for it.

Please fill in this form to submit an article. Once it has been approved, it will appear on the AIFW Blog. 

We accept submissions mainly on topics related to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Women Empowerment, and Women’s Involvement in STEM Subjects and IT Development. More specifically, you can write on:

  1. Technical Skill Development (Eg- Programming Tutorials, Concept-Based Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, etc.)
  2. Career (Interview Tips, Job Scope, etc.)
  3. Education (Importance of women in STEM, Importance of Educated women, etc.)
  4. Women Empowerment (Motivational Stories, Biographies, etc.)
  5. #GirlBoss/ Women in Business (How To’s, Hacks, Tips, Inspirations, etc.)

Please Note:

  1. Since our initiative is Women-Oriented, we mainly encourage submissions from women. 
  2. You can expect a reply from us regarding the status of your article within a maximum of 5 days.
  3. We do not provide any payments for submissions at the moment.
  4. Plagiarised Content, if found, will be removed.
  5. We may edit your article in case of very obvious grammatical errors. However, we will not change the relevance or theme of your article.

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Make sure that your submission is:

  • In PDF Format (Please send the required images seperately as well, to avoid any issues when publishing).
  • Edited and Formatted the way you would like it to be (with appropriate font sizes/types, pictures, etc.).
  • Accurate in its content.
  • Free of Typos and other Errors (to the best of your knowledge).

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