Write for AI for Women

Write for AI for Women

Showcase your writing skills by contributing to our blog!

If you have a passion for sharing your knowledge through the written word, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

AI for Women aims to acknowledge and promote women in the field of AI who desire to work towards helping other women learn and grow. One way that we do this is by encouraging members who have a talent for writing to submit articles for the AI for Women blog

We are open to the following kinds of topics – 

  • AI-Related Tutorials: These include guides and tutorials on technical topics.
  • Latest News in AI: These include discussions and insights on the latest headlines under the AI domain.
  • AI Career and Business: These include discussions, tips, and other information that can aid with career improvement, job searches, or entrepreneurship, all within the field of AI. 
  • Motivational and Inspirational: These include stories, biographies, and other articles that can motivate and / or inspire readers.
  • Women-Specific Self-Help: These can include tips, how-to’s, ideas, and other information that can help women readers become better versions of themselves as they continue to develop their knowledge and skills.
If you have any suggestions apart from what is listed here, please feel free to let us know!

Rules and Best Practices

  1. Please make sure that all the information you provide in the article is true and verifiable. 
  2. Be original! Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  3. Please avoid using copyrighted material in your articles. This includes images, GIFs, and other content.
  4. We reserve the right to edit, revise, or not post a submission at our discretion.
  5. Content that contains spam, bad language, violence, hate, false information, discrimination, inappropriate content, or anything that goes against the general decorum and community rules will either be modified before publishing or rejected.
  6. Please check your article for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Submissions containing too many errors may be rejected.
  7. All published submissions become the intellectual property of AI for Women. However, we will always attribute the source of the article with your name and a link to your profile.


For every article of yours that gets published on AI for Women, your name will be mentioned, and a link will be added to your profile. In this way, you can gain more recognition on the platform. You can also add the article link to your resume to showcase your knowledge, skills, and writing ability. 

As of now, there is no monetary compensation provided.

We will inform you that we have accepted your article and published it on our website. 

While we will try to respond as soon as possible, it could generally take a maximum of a month to get back to you. If you receive no response after a month, please note that your article may not have been accepted.

Your article might be reviewed to ensure that it complies with our rules and requirements. No major technical editing will be done. It is your responsibility as the author of the article to ensure that all the information provided in the article is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Absolutely not! Please feel free to send as many articles as you like.

Since the published article becomes the property of AI for Women, it may not be possible to delete it. However, you can request to have your name and profile link removed from the author attribution. If you would still like to have the article removed, please contact us and state your reason for the deletion request. The ultimate decision lies with AI for Women. 

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