AI for Women

Nikita Silaparasetty

AI and Deep Learning Author | Organiser, ‘AI for Women’ | Data Scientist¬†

“I believe that data is not just a puddle of monotonous figures, but an ocean of enormous opportunities.”

Currently pursuing her Masters in Data Science from Liverpool, UK, she aspires to build her career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with a particular interest in Deep Learning and Machine Learning, specialising in Neural Networks with Python and Tensorflow.

She is the Organiser of ‘AI for Women’, an initiative that aims to empower women in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Meetup group, being the first of its kind in Bangalore, witnessed a rapid growth in its members within the first two months that it began. At present, AI for Women has an online community of nearly 1000 members (and counting)!¬†

Machine Learning Concepts with Python and the Jupyter Notebook Environment : Using TensorFlow 2.0

She also has a penchant for writing, and uses this to share her knowledge and ideas through articles and posts on her website, Medium, LinkedIn, and other platforms. She has also written a book on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, that aims to help beginners get a feel of what it is like to develop Deep Learning projects using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras in Python, all within the Jupyter Notebook interface.

She hopes to inspire others to use their individual skills and talents in the vast field of Data Science, to revolutionise the World and the way we live.

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