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We are looking out for Partners who are ready to provide Freelance / Full-time / Part-time work opportunities for women (of any proficiency level and age) in the Artificial Intelligence Sphere. Keep coming back to see if there is anything new, or join us to stay updated on the latest opportunities.

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Freelance Work

Whether you are a dedicated home maker looking for work, or an army wife who is never in the same place for long, or just an ambitious woman looking for a short term project – We’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the latest Freelance Jobs in AI and relevant areas.


We at AI For Women are delighted to partner with WorkSera to provide you with Freelance work in AI related fields. Visit their website to find your next job opportunity by clicking here:

About the Site¬†According to their website, they “enable women to find relevant remote work opportunities and help give wings to their professional lives.”. The WorkSera site helps in bridging the demand and supply gap for woman freelancers.
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