AI for Women


Through AI for Women, we intend to provide a platform for women to connect with each other, help each other, and encourage one another to work hard and be successful. 

We also intend to provide opportunities for women to work better, learn better, and be the best that they can be in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We are currently looking for – 

  1. Mentors.
  2. Trainers.
  3. Speakers.
  4. Writers.
  5. Organisations willing to provide work to our members.
  6. Organisations willing to connect our members with potential employers.
  7. Organisations or individuals who are willing to provide our ambitious women AI enthusiasts with great opportunities for their growth and success.
If you are willing to join hands with us to provide our community with such services, please get in touch with us by clicking below:

Welcome to AI For Women